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English translation of commentary of Maharshi Swami Dayanand Saraswati.


Yajurveda is the second among the four Vedas and contains the art of all acts. So by the verses of Yajurveda, people perform benevolent acts.

In Yajurveda, various ways of practical application of objects of known properties to different arts and activities are enjoined. So that people may achieve all types of happiness.  Till an act is not performed as per prescribed rules, its secrets cannot be revealed. So, as is known and said, it is to be performed accordingly, and then the fruits of knowledge are achieved and learned to get fame.

Rigveda contains the direct knowledge of the relation between a substance and its qualities, without it there cannot be a clear understanding and liking for the object, and no one can desire to have an object, and without desire, there can be no happiness. After knowing the qualities of substances, they are brought into practical use, and all-around welfare is derived from them, and the subject of doing well to the whole universe is dealt with in Yajurveda.

So it is Yajurveda, by which the Supreme Lord advised us what to do, and how to do, for the well-being of self = the Soul, and the whole world.


Peculiar Features of translation —

Each verse contains —

  1. Seer, Subject, Metre, and Tone of the Verse.
  2. Introductory Statement defining the subject of the Verse.
  3. Transliteration of the Verse in Roman Script.
  4. Component Words of the Verse.
  5. Word meaning of component words as per grammatical rules, and eytomolgy principles of Yaaska as advised in Nirukta.
  6. Verse Meaning – based on the ‘anvaya’ and word meaning of component words as given by Swami Dayanand Saraswati.
  7. Abstract of the verse.

In this way, the reader is able to understand and grasp the meaning of the verse very easily.

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